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Corporate Infocom Private Limited (CIPL) is the #1 Support System to Young Student Start-ups


The objective of the CIPL is to expand support to student startups beyond those in the student entrepreneur plan. CIPL network provides a year’s worth of startup support services with the goal that at the end of that year.

As student entrepreneurs we have much to learn. Sharing your knowledge, experience, and advice is most valued and appreciated. Now is the time for self-discovery and learning! Starting a venture while you are in college is the best way to find what works, and what doesn’t while still having the support to make these discoveries. With grants and stipends from the center for innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship, you can do just that.

CIPL encourages you to take advantage of your knowledge, creative skills, and resources to identify and pursue opportunities, initiate change, and create sustainable value in your life and the lives of others. CIPL has dedicated Customer complaint forum for addressing any customer complaints, customer feedback, customer reviews, customer support, and consumer complaints and so on. We have a dedicated customer support executives to help the customers with web hosting packages.

Thanks to the generosity of three families in particular, we have endowments that enable us to provide seed grants to students and student teams, whether for social or commercial benefit.

This student-led organization strives to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit on campus, as well as provide a resource for students looking to start their own businesses.

Corporate Infocom Private Limited CIPL provides Fantastic Support to Student Entrepreneurs


Corporate Infocom has created a new cooperative working space open to all students who hope to launch entrepreneurial ventures, CIPL Center announced a day back. Corporate Infocom will provide participants who are accepted into the program with free access to resources and mentorship opportunities to get their ventures up and running.

Convert Your Great Idea into Profitable Business Results

It takes hard work and guts to transform a great idea into a viable business or community organization, but students’ entrepreneurs are doing it every day with support and encouragement from Corporate infocom society.

Make Money Online from Corporate Infocom’s Web Hosting Package

CIPL (Corporate Infocom Private Ltd.) makes payment to your marketing efforts in generating new businesses. You can receive payments for every referral sign up you refer to Corporate Infocom.  Sign-up for the CIPL Program is free and it is open to everyone (even non-customers).

Get started with Your Online Business today

Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd.  provide the banners, buttons, links and the great service that sells itself. Sign-up today and start earning cash!

Corporate Infocom provides Exclusive Web Hosting Package for Student Entrepreneurs


About Corporate Infocom

The Corporate Infocom pvt ltd is a technology driven company that promotes entrepreneurship to the young generation and has often reviewed as one of the top leaders in the web hosting company in India. Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is a company that is promoted not by its founders but by the members and associates who have greatly benefitted. Find everything you wanted to know about Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd, corporate infocom pvt ltd highest achiever reviews, corporate infocom pvt ltd info, corporate infocom pvt ltd related posts, corporate infocom private limited in patpar ganj and corporate infocom pvt ltd login.

What is Web Hosting?

Think about the files and folders on your computer. They are stored on the hard disk of your desktop or laptop computer, ready for you to access them whenever you like. A web page is a file, just like your word processing documents. Just as your word processing documents require your computer to store them, all web pages require a computer to store them.

A lot web hosting service providers will only allow you to host a single domain name on a single account. This works fine if you plan on having one website only. But later on when you need to setup additional websites, you will need to purchase a separate web hosting account for each of those additional websites. So for example, if you have 10 websites, you will need to pay for 10 web hosting accounts.

Different Packages in Web Hosting

Corporate Infocom’s Web Hosting Servers are located at one of the Best Data Centre of USA. All CIPL’s Servers are equipped with 2.8 Ghz Dual Xeon Processor, 1 GB of RAM and Twin Hard Drives.  Looking for a best web hosting solution is an imperative decision. Trying Corporate Infocom to identify a reliable web host can be a daunting task especially with so many service providers and options available nowadays. Throw in the feature sheets and promises, the task can be that much more intimidating. You can read our customer reviews and testimonials to gain confidence in our services. CIPL has dedicated Customer complaint forum for addressing any customer complaints, customer feedback, customer  reviews, customer support, consumer complaints and so on. We have a dedicated customer support executives to help the customers with web hosting packages.

Benefits of Web Hosting Package from CIPL

Discover which web hosting best suits your needs with corporate infocom private ltd with all new hosting search tool. Select your web hosting features & budget with CIPL’s simple interface. Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd offers various packages that meet your website needs.

Customer Reviews of CIPL – Corporate Infocom Private Limited

Corporate Infocom Private Limited as popularly known as CIPL is based out of Delhi, India. The company offers excellent and high quality website packages, domain registrations, SEO training packages for entrepreneuers and students.
Reviews of CIPL by customers and students have been a tremendous response. There are several players in the marketplace who have spoiled the industry by offering bad products, worst customer experience and this has caused significant negative impact review on the web industry. However, CIPL reviews has been very well positive due to the excellant customer service, product quality and so on.
Why CIPL is the ideal company for an online web success
The answer is quite simple to understand, the main motto of CIPL in the ICT development project is keeping which the company had been doing since the past couple of years. The CIPL reviews demonstrate that the corporate infocom society not only provide with the best services but also provide training and counselling from choosing a right domain name to increasing traffic to your website.
So, you can be rest assured that you can opt for the high quality, business driven, result-oriented CIPL products and packages.


In this fast-paced world that demands extra edge in everything one does, a conventional degree is no longer sufficient for aspiring professionals to build a concrete career. Rahul Walia tells you about the growing trend among students to pursue additional online courses after completing their academic courses

Anyone who aspires to reach the top in his profession has to constantly keep up with one crucial factor — constantly upgrading their skills. The technique of upgrading the skill is crucial because it makes one stand out of the competitive crowd.

But “time is money” and it has to be spent diligently to reap the maximum benefit out of the given opportunity. It is here that online courses, which are apt and profound to impart knowledge and equip one with the latest skills to meet the ever demanding job world, come into play. As per the standard job market norms, employers consistently look for soft skills. One may not have several of these traits and skills, but one can easily pursue by developing them online.

Online courses offer an option to those who want to upgrade the level of qualification and skills despite having many other degrees. People across verticals have started carrying usernames and passwords instead of carrying books; they love sitting where the Internet is available and acquire knowledge the way they want. Online study unit is where any individual from any background may add on the knowledge. There are many advantages to online courses and degree programmes. It not only offers an opportunity for those unable to take traditional full-time classes such as working professionals and parents, but it also offers more freedom and flexibility to students.

Today, online education is better than the usual correspondent courses. It is a passé when one has to constantly hold on to a diploma degree or certificates from standing university. What makes a lot of sense today is to exhibit skills rather than the degree, thus online education does make a lot of difference because there is an incredible demand for newage skills specially pertaining to IT, digital, web and social media. There are plenty of advantages that one wants to do an online degree.

Picking the right option is crucial.

However, when one starts studying online, the process tends to get a lot easier for you due to several different reasons. First, it becomes important for you to focus on doing other relevant activities as well. This adds flexibility to the time schedule. So given the opportunity to take a look at the different options available, you also have the liberty to find out more about the options which are likely to suit you the best.

As said in the present day buzzword of “skills gap” career counselors are focusing that being an all-rounded individual makes a person more employable. Employers look at both hard skills — technical knowledge — as well as soft skills like an effective verbal and written communication and problem-solving. Just because a person knows how to do a specific task doesn’t mean that person is the best for the job. He needs to have proper knowledge and to have that knowledge he have to update himself according to the industry because the industry is working at a high pace and technology is getting updated day by day.

The another advantage is that that online courses help one upgrade the skill without leaving the job or taking extra time to take classes. Online courses are convenient as one can have the classroom and an instructor available 24X7. These courses also promote life-long learning because having that spark of interest and knowing how to find information online ensures that one is learning all the time. Online courses connects one with other global players. One can be in touch with other people across the globe who are doing similar courses. This helps an individual to not only acquire the latest skills, it also broadens one’s horizon.

These online courses are pocket-friendly as well. Online education doesn’t ask you to make sacrifice on the full-time courses that one may be taking. It also helps one save cost of transportation. Relocation costs are forgone as well, which can be beneficial for those looking to partake in a specialised programme at a school that would normally require a burdensome relocation. For any professional who wants to learn and upgrade his skills and knowledge according to time and demand of the market and job, online courses are helpful.

However, it is very crucial to understand that online learning is certainly not meant for everyone. The most successful students of online learning are self-motivated as these courses do not dictate strict deadlines or class schedules and flexibility is allowed with regard to work. Hence, it is essential that prospective students are realistic about their self-discipline and learning style before signing up for this module of learning.

Just a degree won’t help you in getting a fancy job. The hiring trends in the near future will include the overall skill development, knowledge of the industry and professional grooming standards of an individual. The organisations will aim to hire the people who have the required skills and qualities.

(The writer is chairman, Corporate Infocomm Pvt Ltd)





CIPL launches SEO Training School for Corporates

New Delhi, June 17th, 2013: CIPL (Corporate Infocom), an IT entrepreneurship based company focusing on simplifying technology launches SEO Training School – a gateway to learn about maintaining and creating an online image for your organization. In today’s e-World, it is very necessary to build a brand image for your company. Not only from the viewpoint of brand awareness and brand image but also from the profit-line perspective, SEO has become important for each and every company.

CIPL offer SEO learning online courses from basic to advanced level. CIPL understands the need of today’s corporate world and how necessary it is to have a web presence and therefore initiated with SEO Training School. The courses offered under the SEO Training school are:

SEO getting started from basic to advanced
SME and SMO Fundamental
Website Optimization Course for Google Search Engine
Promoting website with Facebook and Twitter
Unleashing the power of Google Analytics
Using Google adwords for increasing traffic
According to Mr Diwakar Dhayani, CEO, CIPL “SEO in 2013 has evolved to such a stage that it is a necessity and is finely related to each and every online activity which helps you determine your search and web presence. Today, the level of competition has increased to such a great extent that SEO is one of the main platforms by means of which different business owners can succeed in the competition.”

It is important to train web developers, marketing staff and a range of other employees to excel in SEO. CIPL set up to build it, teach it and set you in the direction of success. If you’ve got the committed resources, CIPL has got the training course that would make your staff experts in SEO industry.